OF  THE  ROCK ART IN CHINA

                                                                                           Su Sheng

  Up to now, from the all of world in Rock Art field, The environment and development that is different country and different regional are difference. To developing country should be many hard work to do. In china, first question is that changed and improved researcher and scholar  exchange with international environment. The researcher, scholar and manager in china less learn from developed country who accumulate many experience and meanwhile they also should be tell their research manager achievement to the other people of the world. Certainly developing country  have many aspect need help by developed .  It’s important that regional project in sustainable development in rock art field should be put developing into international environment. It’s necessary that IFRAO pay more attention to them and help them. Secondary question researcher and scholars should be help and coordinate government to concern their of consciousness of  the rock art environment. So resolving contradiction between developing economic and lacking  preserve rock art of consciousness of environment.