It's located southwest of XINBOLIGE, It's about 14 kilometers long.


12The Right of CHAHAR county

It's located hills land, The rock art region is about 11 kilometers long from east to west. The eight sites have been found, The pictures are very clear, there were Made by grind and depict methods, the contest very rich, it were appeared Deer, tiger, wild horse, sheep, hunter, human figure and complex design. some of them are single, some of them are groups. The writing also were found that related with religions.


The rock art site of ULANCHABU

The Rock Art of LaMa TEMPLE Region, it about 42 rock art sites all together.

Example: it's about 2 kilometer to northwest region. We were found 71 groups rock art. There were depicted method, animals like deer, sheep, horse, camel, bird and so on, some of animal were abstract, human figures were dancer, the horse's hoofs and vehicle were also found.   



It located northeast of DARHANMAOMIN, the mountain name "MAZHONG", there have 4 rock art sites. In  "MAZHONG", there have 300 meters long,10-20 meters wide region, 38 groups rock art were found. It mainly animals, horse, sheep, dog, snake, tiger, eagle and camel, and some of mask, dancer, deer of hoofs, horse of hoofs were found.


The rock art site of NANJIBAN Region. It located north of DARHANMAOMIN.

There have 5 rock art sites, 12 groups. The rock art mainly animals sheep horse dog and hunter figure, human figure dancing, other images are hoofs and cup of rings.

Some of images were abstract.


The jucture DARHANMOMIN WITH ULATE County, The region were more concentrate, There have 5 rock art sites were distributed. One site is located 10 kilometers from chaganaobo, the rock art were located southeast stone at small mountain. There have 16 groups, animals, human figures, some of animals were abstract. The biggest picture, have 1.23 meters high, 1.35 meters wide several decade horse concentrate and human figure together. 

14The rock art site of GUYANG county

The rock art were distributed 3 km long at great wall. There were some sheep are smaller, there less large scene.

  The range of the Yinshan Mountains runs across the central and southern parts of

The inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. To the rock art of investigation is limited to the region of the Langshan Mountain. It is over 300 km long.

The region of these rock art were extremely rich, including wild and domestic animals, hunting and herding scenes, hunters and herdsmen were also found.

The places of making rock art were on the top of mountain or hilly land in front mountain. The rock  arts  were  made  by  cared, polished  and engraved on the huge black rocky surface.


The rock art site of JGONGHISTAI, It's located on southwest of ULAD and at the eastern

Of YINSHAN Mountain that had investigated, it was not concentrate, but it's still

16 groups rock art that were always situated black stone and most of them at half                 

way up the mountain.

The picture 0.55 meter high, 0.70meter wide. On the left of picture have animals and figures, it's a domestic animals scene.


The rock art site of HANUL GULLY. There have 22 rock art sites in there.

The picture were situated south of HANUL GULLY. The rock art were polished. It were many mask and stars made it. 1.1 meter high,1.2 meter wide. On the left of the mask, only engraved eyes and mouse, on it basic, have other mask, some of the were simply, on the right of picture were writhing, it was after times.

The rock art site of UZHUL

THE UZHUL was situated northwest 30km on HANUL mountain .There have 7 rock art site.

The most of them mainly animals and another have herdsman dancing. They have abstracted and pattern.


The first rock art site on the BENBA GULLRY it about 25 km from  QIANDAM. The rock art were engrave and polished, the kinds of animals were ibex, sheep, deer and camels.


The rock art site of MORUGLG, This region have 87 groups rock art and 4 rock art sites. It is 46 km from HAILUTU of the middle of ULAD.

The first of them have animal, figure, mask and hoof. Animals have ibex, sheep, deer, cow and horse, the figure have herds, hunters and dancers , mask and signs .There have domestic and hunter scenes.

The picture 0.33 meter high,0.71 meter wide, on the left of animal, the phenomenal were later time were damaged early times. The early time have black, latter have pale. Some of sheep on it.



Each of gully have rock art was found, most of the brilliant works have tigers group  together in AGUGUO.

  THE rock art site of DABAGUO                                  

The gully have 27 km, it is distributed 33 rock art sites many rock art situated the high hills

The first of the rock art site located north of DABAGUO, it about 25 km from ULAD

.There have 8 groups, there have hunter scene animals include horse, sheep, deer, ibex

,cow , camel and abstract like animals image. It was 0.90 meter high and 1.55

meter wide                                                  .

  The rock art of site TANYAOKOU and it's nearly region

On the south of TANYAOKOU, it was located the south of the LATE OF ULAD,It

About 24 km from the south of BABAGUO. The TANYAOKOU region were more.

There have a larger scene, it have many  human figures like dancing, holding arch

,ornamented tail and waistline, bring weapon and animals like horse, sheep and dog.

  The rock art site of AGUIGOU

There have 10 km distance From GERAO gallery to AGUIGOU,and go on continue 10 km .we can go to the AGUITEMPLE. Nearly this, many rock art were found there. It mainly content wild animal, domestic animal and herdsman hunter man also were found, other mask and astral images were found.

  The fifth rock art site from AGUIGUO to north,  on the north of gallery, the rock art have 21 groups. It engraved sheep, Index, the hinter holding weapon, wheel, wild cow, dog, the abstract animals and the ring like sun's image.

The rock art site UTHETAI

Over several mountains from AGUIGUO, you could go to there. It located northwest of

DENKOU. The UTHETAI GUO and nearly this region, the contain are rich, the mask were

More found, the war scene, dancing scene and male and female reproduce activity

. The first site have 5 groups were polished.

The picture 1.69 meter high, 2.56 meter wide, it contain variety masks, stars and like sun gods.


Over a mountain from UTHTAI TO RLETHTAI. RLETHTAI meaning desert. There have 16 rock art sites, this place was very dry. The contain very rich mainly mask were found.

The thirty rock art site at east of Hill. There have 2 groups were engraved dancing, hunting, domes icing scenes. The Human have ornament tail and hairstyles and some animals.