The rock art area of Zhuozi mountain located Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, The Zhuozi  mountain is about 2,194 meter level.   It's stretching some 75 km from the south  to  the  north on  the  eastern outskirts of Wuhai. With the urtos plateau to east and Yellowriver  2  km to the west.

The rock arts are concentrated six localities, namely Zhaoshaogou, Kucaigou, Mao'ergou, Subaiyihgou, Subaihougou and Que'ergpu.  Some of them are on slow slopes, such as those at Zhaoshaogou and other are on cliffs.

6 Que'ergou is about to the northwest of Gongwusu open cut Mine.

All of rock art in Zhuozi mountain were engraved. The images are mainly human masks, some are deeply engraving as deep as 3cm. In addition, the images of animals such as goats, dogs, birds,  monkey sand  the  images like star clouds symbols, hand and foot prints and pagoda-like signs.

The  various  human  masks  mostly  represent  deities   worshipped by primitive tribes such as the god of the sun. Of the over thousand pieces of rock art works in the  zhuozi   mountains 80% are human masks in different shapes and  looks,   most  of them  are individual images.

17The rock art site of ETOKE county

18°ĘThe rock art site of the left ALANSHAN  county.

It concentrate many rock art images at east of region. The rock art are smaller, the large picture are less. The contest mainly wild sheep and camels.

The places of making rock art were on the top of mountain or hilly land in front mountain. The rock  arts  were  made  by  cared, polished  and engraved on the huge black rocky surface. The  most  of them  are  very clear, few figure are not  clear,   even  disappeared because  of  wind erosion and rain wash.

The rock art contents include hunting, herding,   fighting  or  dancing, tents, domes, God of the Sun, Duties, all  kinds  of  symbols  and   society  economy  and   culture   by   ancient nomadic nationalities in northern grassland.


£®1£©°ĘThe MAIHENTLO MOUNTAIN rock art site

First site located the MAIHENTLO mountain ,it meaning the tent. There were situated

East of the left ALANSHAN. There were 13 groups were found some teibten, aniamls

Like tiger cow deer donkey camel, human figure like ornament tail, holding weapon

Herd man and so on.

19°ĘThe rock art site of the right of RLASHAN county,

The rock art site of the right of RLASHAN county, it from 14 kilometers long.

It content many animals and figure. there are distributed on the range of mountain.


£®2£©°ĘThe rock art site of YABU cave

The rock art site of YABU cave. It mainly hand figures.

£®3£©°ĘThe rock art of BADANJILIN Desert,  

The rock art of BADANJILIN Desert, one of most important have ancient tent, there have 18 tent images, the hunter at middle.

£®4£©°ĘThe rock art site of HAIRHAN

£®5£©°ĘThe rock art site of XIALAMA

£®6£©°ĘThe rock art site of ARIGA

£®7£©°ĘThe rock art site of UHURCU

£®8£©°ĘThe rock art site of BUBU

£®9£©°ĘThe rock art site of SUGENHUDOU

20°ĘThe rock art site of RJINA.

There have 5 rock art sites, 6 groups and two singles

Picture are very rich, it include animals and figures, anther there have primitive write and sign. The mainly depict method

21°ĘThe rock art site of LINXI

22°ĘThe rock art site of SHIZHIWANG county

It's nearly weijin village, it about 45 kilometers from CHEGANHASHA.

23,The rock art site of HUHAHAOTE,It nearly DAQINSHANKUISHUGOU.

24,The rock art site of RBAHANA county, It nearly CHANTUXILE.