Exploring the area of rock art of northern Tibetan in China 
Panwenbing susheng

    26,6,2001----20----7,2001 As the member of scienceexploring team, Mr.Panwenbing and Mr. Gong took partin the activities that is largest science exploring inTibetan. The northern Tibetan of china is locatednorthern 33¡ª36, east 83¡ª93, it was called ¡°Nobody
region¡± or ¡° Dearth region¡± that is one of thevirgin place that un in the world. The first foundinginformation on rock art is about 1985.This exploring ream found the rock art site at NiMacounty, Dongxong county, Shenzha county and BanGecounty. 
    1,the rock art site of JialinShan It was located the northern of NiMa county about 170
kilm. It was said from Jialinshan to RongMa villagethat the region of the mountain that the rock art allof around. Now the qualities is reducing. The concentric rock art site is still there that is about 5 kilm place to RongMa village. The mountain is about 20---30 meters high. It was disturbed 50 groups of rock art . all of images were made by dig. The content is varies that is animals, figures and signs.
£®Zhaxiduo rock art site It was located the east lake of Namuchou in Zhaxiduo
peninsula that is about northern west 80 kilm to the county. The rock art is red painting by pigment that is in the hole of the mountain. The hole is 1¡ª3 meter long and 2 meter high. The rock art were reflected the hunting, war, animals writing and signs. 
    3,Larizhabu rock art site It was located the Maiba village of Shenbu county that is 50 kilm in east of county. 20 images were drawing by red pigment that is related religions, eagles, animals and signs. 
    4, Xiashangrong rock art site It was located 160 kilm to the east of county. The boundary were between Zuowa village and Zuoni village. The rock art is the boot of mountain. It has 60 groups images were dig. The animals, signs, writings and figures were content; the animal¡¯s style is particular. The deer¡¯s were around by plant. 
    5,Pubuzhagong rock art site It was located Bage county is about 100 kilm to the south of county, the west lake of Namizuo. The mountain was called ¡°rock Art Mountain¡±. The middle of this have three holes. The largest of them is about 4 meters wide and 2 meters high. It included many animals like eagles deer horse, many figures some of them were horsing and others were hunting, plants, Tibetan writing; building and sign. It was red and black pigment made. The black pigment painting in only found in Chinese rock art.
    6,Garshuo rock art site It was located the Mayao village of Shenzha county.  The rock art were found in a hole. It is about 10 meters to the ground. It is about 20 meters long, 10 meters high, 5 meters wide. the red and black pigment painting the figures , animals and sign on the both of side in the hole. The painting scale is 10 meters long and 1,5 meters high.

    13 counties have rock art site in Tibetan, as a part of rock art of Tibetan, the northern of Tibetan who is death region have itself of style itself of method. It have varies and rich content. Now we could not have a conclusion that when is the precise date on rock art. But we knew this that rock art were made by different period. The rock art reflected varies economical sorts their hunting, nomadic, nomadic¡ªcultivated. Some of figures have been found they getting arrow, weapon; metal, writing made some of them and sign were found in many of sites, it is directly implement that should be interpreted the rock art meaning form them. For example: location the rock art site of the west lake of Namuchuo. Many of signs and writing were found together in a hole. From writing character we have know it belong to 400¡ª500 years before; A number of
implement, building, eagles, sign and figure were painting by pigment. It were said that it must be related with religion.
    The rock art of ¡°Nobody  region¡± is not single. If we compare with the rock art in Tibetan,Xingjiang, inner Mongolia, Ninxia, Shichuan, Guizhou, there are very similar in some of form. In this area that is the road of culture transmitted. The ancient nomadic tribes were often appeared in this region. We have known some of rock art were painted by red and black pigment, in particular the rock art of black pigment is only found in china. Up to now we still know no one begin to measure and analyzed it from C14, so we would be getting more precise date to this region. This news would be getting more people to care this. Because many reasons that the research rock art of Tibetan is still begin.