Rock art discovered in Yizou


  On the basic of information consult and field investigated in 21 AUGUST 1999. Location teacher Lougenyuan found two rock art on the steep cliff in Yizou, GuangXi. The rock art was about more than 200 horses , figures and instrument. According to the remains writing on cliff, We would like be waiting for some people deduce the age by c14. Meanwhile some of the burial caves can be found around the rock art.

  Yizou rock art painting is a unique style. They offer excellent potential for studying various cultural aspects of ancient people. They refer to their religious beliefs and ideas. The rock art is great historical,, artistic and nationality value. Especially, it would be introduced a valuable source for research ancient Zhuang historical cultural.


Rock art discovered in Korea peninsula 


  Its about 19 century, Wujingxi who is Korea scholar had adopted a rigorous approach in rock art studies. To this regret his found was not take this matter seriously.

  1971, in archaeology discover the rock art in Menhuli which submerged in water. The rock art was primitive houses

  1973, Bilianli of the Qingshan found a rock art site. The archaeology of the museum in Qinxi of Hancity investigated this site. The dance is mainly.

  The Panguili and Gulingli are important rock art sites in Korea. The Gulingli is nearly located in Qingshang. The rock art is depicted on the vertical cliff. There are have seven geometry human face. In the central a concentric circled is very protruding. It is represented primitive people sun worship religions. Some of cup Cring spread on the rock art site.

  Pangguili rock art site is located on the upper of Dajiang River. Rock art was always submerged. 1972, the water of river were dropped down by abnormal dry. The rock art were come out and discovered. The rock art below the cliff, it is 8 meters long and 2 meters wide. It concluded deer, tiger, dog, leopard land animals and also whale ocean animals. Its reflected ancient hunting and fishery. 

  About Korea rock art ,I have examined it from THE GREAT TREASURY OF KOREAN FINE ARTS (IN KOREA)





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